Factory Visit -Tishk International University

On May 3rd, 2023, the students of third grade from the Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering at Tishk International University, along with Ms. Suraiya Shaffi, Mr. Junaid Kamaran and Mr. Muhammad Kany, visited Final Long Technic Company, which is a recycling factory on Gwer Road in Erbil, the site visit being a part of the Sustainability for Civil Engineering Course.

At the factory, the students were guided by the factory engineer, Eng. Aymen about the effects of sustainability on the planet, with a focus on plastic bottle recycling.

The engineer outlined the steps involved in the recycling process that increased awareness and active participation in reducing the use of plastic and protecting the environment, hence making a sustainable globe and a better place to live in.

The engineer showed the students how the used plastic bottles were collected and delivered to the factory. The employees demonstrated the sorting, washing, and resizing the plastic bottles. The site visited provided valuable insights into the recycling of plastic bottles and highlighted the importance of sustainability in our society and on our globe.

This site visit was an eye-opener for our students, and they have now pledged to spread awareness among friends and the community on the importance of recycling.

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